University Courses and Lectures

I have given a total of more than 80 lectures and seminars at both undergraduate and graduate level on various substantial political science topics and particularly on applied statistical methods. In my courses I always aim to get the students to work hands-on with empirical data. You can find a selection of my university courses below. For the full list please see my CV.

I have also supervised more than 70 BA/MA-theses from the field of political sociology and comparative politics.

Workshops and Special Courses

Workshop im Rahmen des Klimaprojekttages am Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium Freiburg 25.10.2019


Workshop Ereignis- und Mehrebenenanalyse, 19-20 Februar 2015, BIEN (DIW Berlin)

Presentation + Data & Do-Files

Workshop Survival Analysis with Stata, 22-23 May 2014, Bamberg (BAGSS)

Presentation + Data & Do-Files

Lectures on the German Political System,
September 2011, NTNU Trondheim

Lecture I: From its historical roots to the country of the Basic Law

Lecture II: Elections, parties interest groups and the media

Workshop "Training the Trainers" for Faculty Members from the University of Dohuk, Iraq
November/December 2010, Freiburg (ABI)

Workshop I: Methodology in Political Science

Workshop II: Quantitative Methods in Political Science